Death is the everpresent companion of most people on board the station.

Whether you couldn't outrun that wall of flames, someone replaced all the air with plasma, or you found yourself floating in space without any protection, there are many, many ways to die. Though it doesn't necessarily mean the round is over for you, this is often the case without a competent geneticist.

Other Information Edit

Death is pretty straightforward to cure, but using the genetics machine seems to be beyond most players. See Howto:Cure death.

After dying, you can either wait and observe your mistreated carcass, while being able to hear everything that is said, or you can become a ghost, which allows you to wander freely and sometimes send messages to the living. Obviously, IC/OOC rules apply to this as well.

While dead, you can speak with other deceased players via the "Deadchat" feature.