Don't Release The Singularity!

The engineer has the annoying job of making sure absolutely everything is running correctly or you can just dick around with the doors and piss off the crew when all you do is fuck around with their machines. And that's ok, because there are probably more engineers DOING THEIR JOB!!!

If you are one of those rare kinds who like to do their job, I will give you some of the basics 

1. Replacing lights 

If their are broken lights it is one of your duties to replace them. Because the Janitor is part of the Syndicate, he won't be helping much if ever.

First of all find a replacement light bulb. Found in the Janitors room and somewhere in engineering.

Once you actually obtain a lightbulb, find out where the lightbulb is. Click on it with an empty hand and you will remove the DEFINATELY ruined lightbulb. Definately not so people can't see you hacking.

Now simply click with the lightbulb that isn't broken on the light fixture. Congratulations! You are now competant.

Do you need to fix the frame?

First put cables in, second screwdriver and finally put a light in

2. Fixing breaches

Is there only a grate where there should be a wall? Easy fix! (CAUTION! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SPACE SUIT ON! PRESSURE AND OXYGEN WILL DESTROY YOU!)

Get two metal sheets and click on the grate, fixed!

What if the wall is completely gone?  (Continue later)

3. Hacking

Only ever do this if absolutely necessary. IE If the people inside are dying and you have no access whatsoever (And breaking the wall isn't an option)

Make sure you're wearing god damn insulated gloves. You're obviously one of the incompetant staff if you're hacki... a hero if you're hacking so try to be at least useful at what you're uselessly accomplishing.

You have your glvoes on great! Now just follow the rest of these instructions!

Go to the chapel room. Turn off all the nights. Use a screwdriver on the door to expose the wires. Now, cut wires one by one very slowly so you can spot when the bolts drop. When you do cut the bolts at the bottom it will say "The bolts have fallen!" remember that wire for the rest of the round. It will always be the bolts. Now go to a door you need to hack (Need being keyword), screwdriver it open, and cut absolutely all the wires except for the bolts. Now pry it open with crowbar. You can now steal the captai... save the captain.