Revival is one of the more vital processes a geneticist will find himself doing, and luckily, is rather simple. Until the mind transfer booths are functioning, the only way to revive a player is changing them into a monkey, then changing them back. The first change will turn them into a perfectly healthy monkey, which can move around, interact with objects, etc. Changing them back into a human randomizes any unique identifiers they have, and reduces them to -50% health. When this is done, the subject will need to be put into the cryogenic cell to recover, and rejuvinators are recommended, as they are easily available from the genetics machine.

The best way to revive a player is using the transfer buffers. One should contain the structural enzymes of a monkey, one should contain the structural enzymes of the revival subject, and the third should contain both their unique enzymes and unique identifiers. The latter is used to preserve identities, which can mean much less trouble, though it's not strictly vital. Simply change the occupant to the monkey structural enzymes after saving his own, then his own structural enzymes, and then his unique enzymes. After doing so, place him in the (hopefully prepared) cryogenic unit, wait until he has fully recovered, then drag them down to the medical bay and put them into a sleeper, which you should use to inject rejuvinators. After some time, their paralysis should fade, and you just need to let them out. Tada! You've brought them back from the dead, and you can now work on the next body in the veritable pile you likely have waiting outside of your lab.