We all love fire, bombs and big explosions. But how do you actually make a bomb in this game?

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This is an old picture of how things looked like.

Required Items Edit

  • Tank Transfer Valve
  • Timer, remote signalling device or proximity sensor
  • Plasma tank, filled with Plasma heated to 500 degrees or more (1k pressure)
  • Air Tank (the blue one), preferably filled with O2 (1k pressure)

Making the bomb Edit

Place Valve in hand or on the floor and add all the other items in any order.

Using the bomb Edit

  • When the valve is opened, it blows up (radius > 4 tiles).
  • When the timer/signal/sensor is triggered it opens the valve.
  • The best bomb hiding place is a closet or a backpack, as people generally don't check those places.
  • Make bombs only when you're traitor or you may be banned!

Getting the Items Edit

  • Play a Scientist.
  • The first two items are just lying in the Toxins lab.
  • Get the Air Tank from a dispenser or use your own, put it into an O2 container, fully open the valve.
  • Get a Plasma Tank from the dispenser, to fill it with hot Plasma you'll have to use the lab.
  • Using the valves in the floor (and a wrench) mix big Containers of Plasma and O2 (ratio 2:1 is ok).
  • Take the O2+Plasma mix to the mixing room east and connect it with a Wrench.
  • Fill the isolated room with plasma, ignite it with the button in the wall.
  • Make an empty container with 2 Metal, connect it to the other side, pump burning plasma into it.
    • You may also use a heater insted of another container just attach it to the port the same way
  • Insert the small Plasma Tank into the big Container with hot plasma, open valve.
  • Remember that at any time, you can use your Scientist PDA on a tank/container to see whats inside.