are the main kind of player mob on Space Station 13. If you're reading this and don't know what a human actually is, there's probably not much hope for you. Humans are the centerpiece of the AI laws - it must serve and protect them at all times, under normal conditions.


Humans can take damage from four sources - Brute Damage, Toxic Damage, Fire Damage, and Suffocation Damage. If any one of these reaches 100% the victim's heart will stop, causing them to stop breathing - they will slowly accumulate further suffocation damage until they reach 200%, at which point they die. Accumulating 200% or more in any damage score causes death - it is possible under rare circumstances to take over 200 damage all at once, causing instant death.

When unconcious and dying, the victim will repeatedly gasp for breath - during this time, the player may type "succumb" to simply give up hope and die. This is useful if you wish to just get it over with instead of being blind and deaf before you can begin observing the game and using Dead Chat.


Human DNA is found in four types, like any living thing - Species Identifier, Structural Enzymes, Unique Identifier, and Used Enzymes. The typical Human SI DNA is "5BDFE293BA5500F9FFFD500AAFFE", and healthy Human SE DNA is "CDE375C9A6C25A7DBDA50EC05AC6CEB63". Typical Human UE is "493DB249EB6D13236100A37000800AB71". The Human UI DNA is always different.

Humans can also suffer from various diseases, such as Epilepsy and Tourette's Syndrome.