Monkies are a kind of player mob. They are the main feature in Monkey Mode. They are essentially identical to Human except they cannot understand human speech or writing (which shows up like "*h*t a* * **l*in* a***t" to monkeys), humans cannot understand their speech (which shows up as "chimpering" to them), and monkeys may only equip items on their mask and back slots. They are also unable to use the Grab and Help intents, and can jump over or hide under tables.


Monkeys take damage more or less identically to humans, except that they are immune to Fire Damage for some bizarre reason.


Monkeys have four sets of DNA like Humans, but only the SE DNA actually does anything. Monkey SE DNA is "2B6696D2B127E5A4".

Monkey ModeEdit

In Monkey Mode, monkeys are viral and can transmit this infection to humans, which results in them turning into monkeys. The objective for the monkeys is to infect as many humans as possible, and escape on the shuttle. The humans must stop them from doing either of these.