Scientists have to mix chemicals, play with the teleporter, and poke the artifact.

a list of chemistry recipes follows:

Alkysine (Heals brain damage): Chlorine + Nitrogen + Anti-Toxins.

Ammonia (a fertilizer): 3Hydrogen + 1Nitrogen.

ANTIHOL - Ethanol + Dylovene: A medicine which quickly eliminates alcohol in the body.

ATRAZINE - Chlorine + Nitrogen + Hydrogen: A herbicidal compound used for destroying unwanted plants

Arithrazine (treats high radiation poisoning, some TOX healing, does some BRUTE damage): Hyronalin + Hydrogen.

BENZOCYTAZINE - Hydrogen + Mercury + Carbon: Benzocyatizine can be used to remove most non-natural compounds from an organism. It is highly toxic however and close supervision is required.

Bicaridine (Heals BRUTE damage):  : INAPROVALINE+ Carbon Bicaridine is an analgesic medication and can be used to treat blunt trauma

Bilk (milk and beer mixed):  : Milk + Beer.

CARPET - Space Fungus Blood

Chloroform: Hydrogen + Chlorine + Carbon | Inject someone with it and knock them out! At least, that's what I would assume it does.

COLA - Water Oxygen Carbon Sugar: A refreshing beverage.

Cryoxadone (Heals frozen people): (Dexalin) [Plasma + Oxygen] + Water + Oxygen

Cryptobiolin!! (causes CONFUSION and DIZZYness): Potassium + Oxygen + Sugar. Only temporary effects, not debilitating.

Cryostylane (Freeze): (Leporazine) [Silicon + Plasma] + Water + Oxygen: An incredibly cold substance. Used in many high-demand cooling systems

Cyanide!! (Deadly poison; COMMENTED OUT?): Hydrogen + Carbon +Nitrogen

Dexalin (treats oxygen deprivation): Plasma + Oxygen.

Dexalin Plus (treats oxygen deprivation instantly and perfectly): Dexalin + Carbon + Iron.

Diethylamine (a better fertilizer):  : Ammonia + Ethanol

DYLOVENE - (Anti-toxin) Derived from venne leaves

FLASH - Aluminium Potassium Sulphur Flash Powder!! (used in a flashbang): Aluminium + Potassium + Sulfur. Good for making expensive, unwieldly flashbangs or stunning yourself.

Fluorosurfactant!! (Slippery. Delivers chemical agents.): 2Carbon + 2Fluorine + 1Sulphuric Acid.ACTIVATES WHEN IN CONTACT WITH WATERIt makes foam. Oooh, scarry. Slippery but otherwise harmless without other chemicals.

Foaming Agent!! (Turns Iron and Alluminum into weak walls) Lithium + Hydrogen. ACTIVATES WHEN IN CONTACT WITH IRON OR ALLUMINUM This is only in this catagory because it is useless without Polytrinic acid.

HOLY WATER Wine Water Mercury

Hydrochloric Acid: Hydrogen + Chlorine + Oxygen | Chlorine + Water | Same as above, not sure on the difference between damage done.

Hyperzine (increases strength temporarily twitch/shiver/rapidblink): Sugar + Phosphorous + Sulfur

Hyronalin (treats radiation poisoning): Radium + Anti-Toxins. Hyronalin is a medicinal drug used to counter the effects of radiation poisoning.

Imidazoline - (Heals eye damage): Carbon + Hydrogen + Anti-Toxin Imidazoline is a drug used to help heal eye damage

Impedrezene (impedes movement [-JITTERS], +DROWSY, stupidity, drooling):  : Mercury + Oxygen + Sugar. Umm... isnt this just sleeptoxins that cause brain damage in large doses? Possibly griefable, but Alkysine will fix them right up.

Incendiary Grenade: Phosphorous + Hydrogen + Sulfur | Phosphorus + Thermite | Phosphorous + Hydrogen + Sulfur + Thermite | Set fire to the area! (Chemicals arranged in ascending order, in regards to power)

INFERNITE - Carbon Ethanol Hydrogen +heat Extremely flamable

Kelotane (treats burn damage): Silicon + Carbon.

Leporazine (stabilizes body temperature):  : Silicon + Plasma.

LEXORIN Plasma Hydrogen Nitrogen Lexorin temporarily stops respiration. Causes tissue damage Lexorin!! (does Brute damage):  : Plasma +Hydrogen + NitrogenA poison. Chlorine and Flourine are poisonous too, and come right out of the dispenser.

LSD Space Fungus Scrapings Diethlamyne LSD!! (makes you see trippy things):  : Space Fungus + DiethylamineDrugs. Uses an ingredient not found in BS12. Does this cause the fable hallucinatory attackers?

Metal foam  : 1Foaming Agent [Lithium + Hydrogen] + 3Aluminium + 1Polytrinic acid [Sulphuric Acid + Chlorine + Potassium]. Lifesaver against hull breaches. Easier to break through than Iron foam. Both dry slowly and can be wrecked with bare hands.

Iron foam!! (stronger Metal foam):  : 1Foaming Agent + 3Iron + 1Polytrinic acid. Uses a controled substance in its manufacture, but has saved countless lives in Meteor rounds.

NAPALM Aluminium Plasma Sulphiric Acid (basically liquid fire) Currently broken, I've heared it actually makes an area COLDER now. At any rate, rather useless.

NEUROTOXIN Mercury + Sugar + Lithium Space Drugs +Heat

Mustard Gas: Oxygen + Nitrogen + Potassium + Chlorine + Sulfur | Use it to melt people's lungs!

Polytrinic Acid (Like ACID but hurts through helmets and masks):  : Sulphuric Acid + Chlorine + Potassium. Cool rapidly Supposed to be a leathal, metal-melting chemical used to make metal/iron foam. After the nerf, I'm told it just melts masks/hats/faces.

PLANT NUTRIENTS Phosphorus Nitrogen Potassium

Ryetalyn (cures genetic defects [Including superpowers?]):  : Radium + Carbon + Hydrogen + Anti-Toxin. Ryetalyn can cure all genetic abnomalities

Silicate (Doubles window HP, changes colour slightly): Silicon + Oxygen + aluminium

SMOKE: (if a drug is in the beaker already it is released into the air) potassium sugar phosphorus

Smoke Bomb: Oxygen + Nitrogen + Potassium + Sugar | Throw it down and disappear in a puff of smoke.

Smoke Powder (used in a smoke grenade): to container: Potassium + Sugar + Phosphorous

Spaceacillin (Cures viral diseases!):  : Cryptobiolin + Inaprovaline.

Space Drugs!: Mercury + Sugar + Lithium. Causes a cool rainbow overlay. Ranges from annoying to fun depending on the severity of other dangers to your person. An illegal chemical compound used as drug.

Space cleaner (cleans blood): to container: Ammonia 3Hydrogen + 1Nitrogen. + Water

Space Lube!! (causes people to slip even if they're walking):  : Silicon + Oxygen + Water.Long-lasting, invisible slippery floors. Even walking people fly to the end, go prone, and hit thier heads. Griefable, but not round-destroying unless severely spammed.

Spaceacillin Potassium + Oxygen + Sugar + Inaprovaline

Stable Mutagen (Add blood to it in syringe to change a person's DNA structure to person who you extracted the blood from): Unstable Mutagen + Space Drugs + Mercury

STRANGE REAGENT Holy Water Tricordrazine Unstable Mutagen

SUICIDER Welding Fuel Inaprovaline Vodka Cider

Sulfuric Acid: Hydrogen + Sulfur + Oxygen | Just what it says, it's acid. It melts faces, etc.

Synaptizine (Heals paralysis, stunning, and wekaning):  : Sugar + Lithium + Water.

Synthflesh (Fake Flesh): Blood, Inapprovaline, Carbon, Carbon

THALMERITE - Phosphorus + Radium + Iron + cool to 160

TRIBENZOCYTAZINE - (Benzocytazine) [Hydrogen + Mercury + Carbon] + Iron + Water Tribenzocyatizine can be used to remove most non-natural compounds from an organism. It is slightly toxic however and supervision is required.

Triple Citrus: Orange Juice Lemon Juice Lime Juice

Thermite: Aluminum + Iron + Oxygen (can be applied to things and then used with a welding tool to melt them)

Tricordrazine (heals everything superbly): Anti-Toxins + Inaprovaline. or Cryoxadone Plasma + Oxygen + Water + Oxygen +heat

Unstable Mutagen!! (Mutates appearence, 98% bad mutation 2% good): Radium + Phospherous + Chlorine. Can, and will, cause permanent disabilities. Might cause unpredictable mutations. Jobs